Food Chained is a short-form podcast exploring the problems in our food system and the brands that are solving them. Every week, we share conversations with startup food & beverage founders and operators who are on a mission to make a positive, healthy, and ethical impact on our world. 

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The State of Organic Social and UGC w/ Kendall Dickieson

In this episode of Food Chained, Kendall Dickieson joins us to discuss the state of organic social and UGC. Kendall is the founder of Flexible Creative, a boutique con...

Sizzlin' and Drizzlin' with Andrew Benin of Graza

In this episode of Food Chained, Andrew Benin joins us to discuss his new hit product, Graza. Graza is a premium olive oil packaged in beautiful squeeze bottles for tw...

The New Food Pyramid w/ Mark Metry

In this episode, Vasa and Mark Metry discuss "The New Food Pyramid" and the impact that food and drink have on brain health.

The State of Influencer Marketing w/ Sarah Grosz

In this episode of Food Chained, Sarah Grosz provides an immense amount of value when it comes to influencer marketing and the state of the creator economy. You'll...

Starting a Beverage Company w/ Vasa Martinez

In this episode, Vasa steps aside from the host seat and serves as the guest...GUEST. Kane Lewandowski reached out to Vasa with several great questions on LinkedIn. So...

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