The CPG Diaries Vol. 1: Say Fundraise and Die!

In the midst of an economic downturn, determined Food & Beverage CPG founder Chuck must navigate the treacherous challenges of Fundraiser Manor, where securing investments takes on a sinister twist. As he battles the malevolent forces of the manor and his industry's struggles, Chuck must prove that even in the darkest times, entrepreneurial spirit can triumph.

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Food Chained is a Perfy podcast brought to you by Growthbuster. Growthbuster is a team of creatives and strategists that help food & beverage companies grow. Get 20% off your first month of services when you mention FOOD CHAINED here. Growthbuster, wrote, produced, and designed this series of Food Chained. 

Creators and Guests

vasa martinez
vasa martinez
Aspiring dood and founder of @drinkperfy, a low sugar soda for a happy you.
The CPG Diaries Vol. 1: Say Fundraise and Die!
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