A short-form podcast exploring the problems in our food system and the brands that are solving them. 

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Frustrating AF w/ Kayla Castañeda of Agua Bonita

In the world of beverage creation, it’s hard to come up with a new angle. But after Kayla Castañeda had spent a decade working in the beverage industry, she decided it...

Late Night Snacks w/ Damien Law of Effin' Good Snacks

Do your late-night snacking tendencies lead you to chips, cookies, and other unhealthy foods? Late-night snacking was Damien Law’s weakness, but he thinks he’s found t...

unFair Trade w/ Fatima-Zohra Hakam of Zora Chocolate

There’s a massive disparity between the wealth of the chocolate industry and the poverty of cocoa farmers. But Fatima-Zohra Hakam hopes to change that. Fatima-Zohra fo...

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