The CPG Diaries Vol. 2: The Abominable Co-Man

In this gripping tale, Jenna, a tenacious entrepreneur, finds herself on a collision course with her new business partner, Snowman, Inc., a co-manufacturer shrouded in mystery and deception. As Jenna unearths chilling details about The Snowman, she finds herself on a dangerous journey through the shadows of the manufacturing underworld.

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Food Chained is a Perfy podcast brought to you by Growthbuster. Growthbuster is a team of creatives and strategists that help food & beverage companies grow. Get 20% off your first month of services when you mention FOOD CHAINED here. Growthbuster, wrote, produced, and designed this series of Food Chained. 

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vasa martinez
vasa martinez
Aspiring dood and founder of @drinkperfy, a low sugar soda for a happy you.
The CPG Diaries Vol. 2: The Abominable Co-Man
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